Friday, June 16, 2017

The neighbor's roses

One of our neighbors has a few rose bushes along her back fence which separates her yard from the vineyard road. The neighbor lives in the Paris suburbs, the house here is where her late mother-in-law lived until she died a number of years after we moved in. She (the neighbor) and her husband began fixing up the house after that, but then he died a few years ago.

Pink roses in our neighbor's garden.

So she comes down every now and then, especially in the summer, to enjoy the countryside. She has hired a local guy to maintain the yard in her absence. He cuts the grass and prunes the trees and shrubs. And the roses. At least we get to enjoy them.


  1. So beautiful. I love this shot with the different colors and phases of flowering.

  2. I'm glad you get to enjoy such beautiful roses.

  3. That's a sad tale. The roses are spectacular!

  4. Such beautiful roses. So sad for your neighbor, but it's nice that she can enjoy the house and countryside from time to time.

  5. mitch, many of the blooms are fading now. It's been very dry.

    evelyn, us too!

    chris, his mother was in her 90s, and he had throat cancer (heavy smoker). He was young, probably in his late 60s.

    emm, she's been here less so far this year, but her son comes down for a weekend now and then.


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