Saturday, June 24, 2017

How does my garden grow?

The vegetable garden has been in for a while and I spend some time every day now watering and weeding. The first batch of snow peas has run its course, and we've harvested one meal's worth from the second batch. The third batch doesn't look so good after our heat wave. But the tomatoes and summer squash are looking great.

Looking north. Summer squash on the left, tomatoes on the right. The bushy stuff on the right, outside the garden, is oregano.

There are blossoms on most of the tomato plants now. I have to be diligent about pinching off the suckers to maintain one main stem. If the plants get bushy, they're hard to manage and they make too many fruits. But even with my diligence, I frequently miss a sucker or two and they grow and get blossoms and I don't have the heart to cut them off.

Looking east. Green beans on the left, summer squash on the right, tomatoes on the spiral stakes.

The three zucchini plants each have little zucchinis on them now. The lemon squash is getting its first blossoms. I have three rows of green beans growing as well, but there are no blossoms yet. The eggplant and peppers are growing slowly and we're a long way from blossoms on those.

You can see two little zucchinis on the plant in the foreground.


  1. Looking good Walt.... but I notice that you don't mulch around the bases of your plants.... that is probably why the third peas are feeling the pinch with the weather. Mulching is a very good way of using your lawn mowings!

  2. Such success and so satisfying. I still love the twirly stakes.

  3. I think you have ten green thumbs Walt!

  4. You've spaced your zukes well. Keep sucking those tomatoes. Your ten green thumbs probably have the interesting smell that only tomato vines can give with a little stain to wash off.

  5. My husband keeps bombarding me with zucchini and yellow-necked squash. Every day there are more!!! Do you have some good recipes for these guys? I'm tired of just stir-fried and/or steamed squash.

  6. I always enjoy watching your gardens grow through the seasons.

  7. tim, my mower mulches the trimmings, so there aren't any!

    mitch, they're like sculpture. :)

    christine, I do feel like I have all thumbs from time to time. ;)

    evelyn, for sure!

    diane, I like to slice and grill them, or grate and freeze to make zucchini bread in the fall. They're also good diced into little cubes and added to a tabbouleh-style salad.

    michael, there will be more (I hope)!

  8. Your vegetable garden looks very productive. I have some of the same growing but in a planting box.

  9. So very sorry for your and Ken's loss. We know what a hole in your hearts you must feel.. Callie was such a beautiful family member and has brought so many people such joy over the years.
    We lost our sweet Casey Feb.2, of this year. We miss him so much....but our home is filled with the sweetness of our new girl....Cleo. When you're dog people you just have to fill that hole.


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