Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha is learning to go for walks in the vineyard. Not bad for a four month old dog. She's mostly good, but sometimes she wanders into places she should not go. Like into a neighbor's garden. So it's up to us to keep her away from temptation until she learns what's off limits.

Little Tasha ventures out into the vineyards.

On Monday, we took Tasha for a ride in the car, up to a winery we like to go to. She was very good, except that she threw up just before we arrived. We half expected that. Puppies get motion sickness. But she was mostly okay with the ride and was very glad to get home again. We'll do another shorter ride next week, I think. If Tasha learns to like the car, we will feel better about taking little trips here and there. There are many places we'd like to go for a few days, but always hesitated because Callie hated the car. Let's cross our fingers that Tasha does better.


  1. It's good that you are encouraging Tasha to travel, she'll get used to the car and you'll be able to take her anywhere. Our very first Lab. absolutely loved the car, and it was often difficult to get him out at the end of a journey ! We've been lucky that most of our dogs have travelled well.

  2. I hope she falls in love with car rides. My sister-in-law had a dog that loved the car. The dog loved to run around the neighborhood (she wasn't supposed to, but no one ever thought of training her). My sister-in-law would simply hop in the car, drive alongside her with the door open and say, "Wanna go for a ride?" The dog would immediately jump in the car, they'd go home, and that would be it until the next time. Tasha (and you) sound much brighter.

  3. Once Tasha realises that a car journey has something enjoyable at the end of it it should be a breeze.

  4. pretty tasha. it would be nice to take her on trips. how are you and ken doing?

  5. We are doing okay. It's been a week and a day since we had to let Callie go. She is missed, and by Tasha too.

  6. Oh, it's nice to think of Tasha toddling along on her puppy paws, on the route that big-girl Callie used to follow. She must be bewildered about why her big friend/mama substitute Callie is gone.

    I so hope that she ends up fine with cars, so that you two can do more little getaways. And post photos for us ;)


  7. coppa's girl, our first dog, Collette, loved the car as well. She went all kinds of fun places with us. She even liked going nowhere.

    mitch, a moving car? Wow!

    raybeard, that's the idea! I hope it works.

    anne marie, we're doing better. It's always difficult, but inevitable.

    judy, she seems to be enjoying the walks and that's good. We haven't gone out in the rain, yet, though.

  8. She is so cute! Look at those ears, up and alert. Here's hoping she'll enjoy going on jaunts with you and Ken very soon!


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