Saturday, June 03, 2017

Feels like summer

And it certainly looks like summer, too. We've had a good week of warm, if not hot, weather. It's a little humid, but not too much. The cherry trees in our neighborhood are loaded with fruit. As we head toward the solstice, the days are long and the nights have been clear and starry.

A summery day out in the vineyards and fields around us. View looking toward the southeast.

We're expecting thunderstorms with rain during the day today. I saw lightning to our south at 04h30 this morning when I was outside with Tasha. She's still waking me up before sunrise to go out. This morning Bert joined us and that got Tasha all excited. But she did her business and we got to go back to bed for a while.


  1. We've had su mmer weather, too, since our return. I'd enjoy a good thunderstorm.

  2. Nice panorama. Oddly, I like that communications tower in the scene. I say oddly because I confess I often make them "go away" in my photos but I would have left this one. Yesterday, we could hear and even see a thunderstorm cell go by but we got nothing from it.

  3. I'm so happy she & Bert get along so well

  4. I hope Tasha starts sleeping later soon. After the solstice she'll have shorter days which will probably help a little.

  5. at my place is summmer too

  6. mitch, I'm ok with t-storms during the day, but at night they scare me. I lived in California too long and got un-used to them. And, the dogs bark wildly at the thunder. Shatters my nerves.

    stuart, I think the tower adds a visual punctuation to an otherwise bland view. Thanks!

    melinda, yes, it's a refreshing change!

    evelyn, me too!

    gosia, good!


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