Monday, June 12, 2017


The ferns are all fresh and lush-looking right now. Of course, it's spring and we've had some rain, so there's no surprise. If we have a dry summer, the ferns will start turning brown, otherwise they'll stay green until fall.

Fresh ferns in the morning sunlight.

I wrote about the noise our neighbors made on Sunday morning. Well, after I wrote that, we saw the mayor stop to speak with the revelers on her way into town (it was election day, so she probably had some work to do). I'm curious to know if she heard the noise herself or if she got complaints from others. We didn't talk to the mayor, but we might ask her about it later. The kids took most of the day to get moving and clean up after their all-night party. The ten or so cars that were parked in the yard across the street left sporadically over the course of the day, with the last few kids (including the one grandson that we know) finally heading out around five p.m. All's quiet again.


  1. I love ferns, but they wouldn't be happy here in our heat and sunshine. Maybe the mayor was at the party.

  2. Beautiful fern picture, lovely lighting. They're such amazing plants.
    Do we think that the grandparents now know about the party? Oh yes, they do. Heh.


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