Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Can you feel the love? Tasha likes to jump into Callie's face when she's not nipping at Callie's heels. I think that the little dog is trying to herd the big dog around. They're both sheepdogs, so that wouldn't be unusual. Most of the time Callie just stands there, putting up with it. Other times, when there's food or a toy involved, Callie will growl or bark sharply at Tasha to exert her authority.

It was either this shot or a photo of Tasha peeing. It's not easy to get her to sit still at six in the morning.

Tasha is certainly growing. She's up and down the big staircase all the time now showing none of the apprehension she had just a few days ago. The narrow wooden stair into the loft is an "up only" stair for now. She's also lasting longer through the night before needing to go out. But the progress is gradual. A couple of nights ago we were outside at three a.m., but this morning it was closer to five. The other news is that we started taking her out for short walks with Callie in the afternoons (Callie still gets her long solo walk each morning). Tasha is very excited to go out of the yard but she is very well behaved and sticks close to us. The afternoon walk is good exercise for her and helps to wear her out before bed time.


  1. Adorable! And so much better than peeing.

  2. It's a great affectionate photo.

  3. cute baby! Our granddaughter Lila is one today. Last week she was taking her first steps, this week she's walking everywhere. This youngsters learn their new tricks quickly.

  4. our tasha is getting to be a big girl!

  5. it is indeed a lovely photo of the pooches.

  6. mitch, I thought so...

    andrew, they're so cute!

    evelyn, congratulations!

    anne marie, n'est-ce pas?

    michael, :)


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