Thursday, June 15, 2017

Grape flowers

I took this photo about a week ago, so many of the flowers are gone and the grapes are starting to get bigger. Still, it's a good example of what the grape flowers look like. When I first saw grape flowers, I was amazed at how small they are. I was expecting something more substantial. But this is it.

Tiny grape flowers are hard to see unless you get in real close.

We're in a hot and dry spell, although the air is a little humid. The tomatoes and summer squash are loving it and are growing quickly. I've noticed a few tiny zucchini forming and many of the tomatoes have blossoms already. I'm using up my collected rain water pretty fast so, if it doesn't rain any time soon, I'll have to use the hose to water the veggies.


  1. I was also surprised the first time I saw grape flowers. I had to be told what they were and thought I had already missed the flowering.

  2. today (17 jun) has been rainy off and on; spouse's veggies (2 tomatoes, 2 peppers, 2 cukes) have flowers and/or baby veggies, but nothing to harvest yet.


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