Wednesday, June 07, 2017

In a rut

Well, if not a rut, we're in a pattern. It is temporary, but it's life with a puppy. Tasha wakes me up every morning between 03h30 and 04h30 to go outside. Most times she pees, and sometimes she poops, and other times she does nothing. Either way, I'm glad she makes the effort and doesn't do her business upstairs. Then we go back to bed. By 05h00, she's hungry and wants to eat, so one or both of us get up and take her down for breakfast. After she eats, she's bouncing off the walls and we have about an hour of vigorous play.

Tractor ruts in the vineyard.

When Callie gets back from her morning walk, she gets her breakfast and Tasha gets a biscuit. Then they both play with the tricky treat ball until Callie gets bored. Tasha finishes playing by herself until the ball is empty. Then I take her outside again, just in case. When the weather is good we can stay outside and do things while the dogs play. When the weather is bad we're stuck in the house. I feel like I've had a full day by 09h00!

At about 11h00, Callie gets a rawhide chew and Tasha gets her lunch. Then we're busy making our lunch and Tasha crashes for about an hour- or two-long  nap. Yippee! The afternoon varies depending on the weather, but Tasha is usually underfoot somewhere, or playing with the cat, or outside with Callie. We do several "business" runs during the day and Tasha has been very good about going outdoors.

In the evening, we go up to the loft to watch something on television. Tasha likes to hang out with us up there with a little light play mixed in. Then, around 20h30 or 21h00, we go outside to take care of business, and she has been very good about that (I feel less anxious when she's "empty" before bed time). Then, it's bed. Until around 03h30 when we start all over again.

We still have an occasional accident in the house (like this morning), but otherwise house training is going pretty well. Tasha still cannot get down the stairs, so we have to carry her down. I keep reminding myself that she's just a pup, only three and a half months old, so in the grand scheme of things it's all going well and the little inconveniences will soon be a memory.


  1. Are the stairs slippery wood and do they have backs/risers to them? Difficult for a lightweight pup. Tried carry to the second from bottom step and put her down to try the last bounce on her own, with encouragement and possible very gradual increase in steps?

  2. I had never really thought about the extra demands of a puppy other than just the energy level (well, and the "potty training").

  3. You are spoiling her with food so early in the morning. We had a West Highland Terrier pup years ago and when at a holiday house, she would go up the stairs but not be able to get back down.

  4. It will all be worth it in just a few months.

  5. WE miss not having a pet - well yes there's Gem our cat but she's 20yo now and just sleeps or eats. We are cultivating our rural pets. Just posted on our visiting magpie, Baby. He's very bold but friendly. See you both soon. Leon and Sue

  6. Awwww, I really like hearing about the daily routine, imagining Callie and Tasha :)

  7. Love all the animal photos and updates. Please keep them coming.

  8. When we had our second pup at eight weeks old, our older dog, who was six, house trained him in a matter of days. The little one would follow the big one around everywhere, and in the garden he would watch what the big one did, then copy him ! Problem was, the pup couldn't get back up over the step into the house, so would sit there plaintively crying until one of us went to pick him up. The older one soon got fed up with the noise the pup made over night when he was abandoned to sleep in the laundry room (in case of accidents) and took to going downstairs and bringing him up to sleep in the bedroom with us. The first few times this happened we were convinced the pup had made it up all on his own, even though he had to be carried down next morning !

  9. I think Tasha's doing very well. And you've only had her at home for what, a few weeks?
    On steps, I have uncarpeted wood, and I found that a strip of friction tape at the edge made it easier for my elderly dog, especially going down. His legs were a little bit longer than hers, but not all that much. It's a quick fix and can be removed once she's old enough to manage on her own.

  10. potty, the stairs are solid travertine with quite wide steps (see the upcoming post). I did try starting her a step or two from the bottom and she got down, but she still wasn't interested in starting from the top. But it's no longer a problem!

    mitch, it's quite a time and energy commitment in the first year. Lots of training (both ways) going on. But I've been through it before and know things will calm down after a while.

    andrew, she's very hungry in the morning since we stopped feeding her in the evening. And things will evolve as she grows up, I'm sure.

    evelyn, I have to keep reminding myself!

    leon, we've seen some magpies around our place this past week. They're not small birds!

    judy, soon you'll get to meet them!

    diane, you bet!

    coppa's girl, very interesting! Callie is absorbing some of Tasha's puppy energy. Callie does most of her "business" during her walks which, for now, don't include Tasha, so the house training is up to us humans. But it's going fine.

    emm, she's been here just over six weeks now. Time flies!


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