Friday, June 30, 2017

I spy with my compound eye

This is one of the prettiest flies I've ever seen. Not that there are a lot of pretty flies out there, but this one is not your ordinary house fly. It was willing to let me get close with the camera. The fact that it was a relatively chilly morning probably meant that it wasn't warmed up and ready to speed off.

I know it saw me. It stayed perfectly still while I snapped the photo.

The rain has refilled our rain barrels. They'll be ready for the next dry spell. Right now everything is well watered, including the weeds. The first order of business on the next sunny day is to weed the garden. Then I have to cut the lawn, which is mostly weeds and their flowers.


  1. I disagree. There are lots of lovely flies, it's just that people don't look and don't see them, or don't realise they are flies if they do see them. I'm impressed you recognised this as a fly. It's Ectophasia crassipennis, a parastitic fly that attacks true bugs (punaise, shield bugs and the like). Welcome it into your garden (and in fact, they are abundant).

  2. Fascinating. Nice spotting! And fascinating info from Susan.

  3. Ditto what Mitchell said!

    Congratulations on Mademoiselle Tasha's big leap forward in "holding it" until Ken got up :)

  4. susan, I didn't mean to disparage flies... pesky devils. Thanks, as usual, for the I.D.!

    mitch, :)

    judy, she did it again on Saturday. Good dog!

    bettyann, yes!


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