Sunday, June 11, 2017

Flutter by

Sometimes it's amazing what you can see early in the morning as the sun comes up. This butterfly (or is it a moth? nope, it's a butterfly) was clinging to a blade of grass in the sunlight. I presume it was warming itself up, but maybe that's just projection. I have no idea what butterflies (or moths) do at night other than get eaten by bats. There's a research topic; I'll add it to my list.

Posing for its close-up. If anyone happens to know what this is called, I'd appreciate a comment.

Tasha had a little accident last evening. It was weird because she had spent a lot of time outside during the afternoon and early evening. Neither of us saw her do it, but suddenly I noticed a rather large (for her) puddle in front of the tv in the loft. And she is never really up there without one of us because she won't go down those stairs yet. So I cleaned it up and took her out to see if she needed to poop. Nothing. But we slept through the night and she didn't wake me up to go out until about 05h00.

This is the side of the butterfly that faced the sun. It looks like a stained glass window in black and white.

And speaking of waking up at five a.m., our neighbors across the street let some of their grandchildren and friends use their house for a party last night. We closed our windows and turned our fan up to high and were able to sleep through it. This morning at five, the music went on full blast. Those kids must think that nobody else lives in the country. Making that kind of noise on a Sunday morning is not only rude, it's also not permitted by local ordinance. I can only hope that the mayor, who lives two doors down, was at home and trying to sleep.

Today is the first round of parliamentary elections in France. Should be interesting.


  1. The butterfly is a male Marbled White Melanargia galathea (Fr. Demi-deuil).

  2. Hi Walt.... butterfly.... it is a Marbled White....Melanargia galathea....le Demi-Deuil.
    It is, despite being white, one of the "Browns"....which makes it easy to remember.
    As for what moths get up to...apart from keeping our bats alive... I can tell you, but won't .... it would spoil your fun.
    BUT.... a word of warning.... don't research too deeply.... you will end up with a moth trap and many books!!
    Though you can have a lot of fun with an old white sheet and a powerful lamp.... not LED.... halogen is best, low energy is okay....
    and whack the ISO up on your camera.... and try shooting at around f8.... you want to record the detail as best you can.... but not be fussed about a little 'noise'. There are some beautiful moths out there... some as big as a bat!
    Have fun.... it is something that you can do of an evening.... I put the trap out twice a month and we have over 250 different species of large ones.... I haven't tried to identify any off the micromoths....but now have the books!

  3. I'm glad you have such informed readers. I have seen that kind of butterfly. Fascinating. And, of course, great shots. I, too, hope the mayor was home.

  4. maybe Tasha has a wee bladder issue (infection?) if she is doing some odd peeing

  5. On one visit to Paris our first night at the hotel a birthday celebration started just across the narrow street (that echoed) in the evening and at midnight with the doors wide open and flashing lights and the music turned to high and all the participants "singing" at the top of their lungs this party went on to three a.m.. The police don't do anything about it of course. Needless to say this has stuck in my memory!

  6. I never cease to marvel at your photographs; they are stunning.

  7. tim, thanks! These days I'm in bed before it gets dark...

    mitch, susan and tim are very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna.

    melinda, we think she's just being willful. Time will tell!

    sillygirl, I was guilty of hosting such a party in my Paris apartment back in 1982. The poor neighbors!

    michael, thank you, kind sir!

  8. stained glass butterfly is apt! RUDE kids/grandkids!


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