Sunday, June 04, 2017

Weather or not

The weather changed on Saturday. Clouds moved in and it rained most of the day. I might have heard some thunder, but it was far away from us. We got sixteen millimeters of rain, which is about two-thirds of an inch, in the rain gauge. And now it's much cooler than it has been.

The vineyard road at sunrise, looking east.

The rain is good for the plants and the vegetable garden. It's also good for the weeds, so I'll have some work to do next week. Not to mention the grass, which will have a little growth spurt now. I also picked another batch of snow peas for lunch today.


  1. Magical photo. Glad you didn't have your dreaded midnight thunderstorm.

  2. The beans must be showing their leaves by now.

  3. I'm relieved that the heat spell seems to have broken over there. :)

  4. it is colder in my place too

  5. mitch, thanks. It's wimpy, but I sleep in the attic, and the noise shakes the rafters. Yikes!

    sheila, oh yes. And the second row is sprouting now.

    judy, I'm kind of missing it... jamais content!

    gosia, we're having similar weather!

    1. I completely understand. Although I love thunderstorms, Jerry hates them and, like you, he especially hates when they come at night. Part of it could be the difference between a city and country upbringing. Then again, it could also be because his great-grandmother was killed when their house was struck by lightning!


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