Saturday, June 17, 2017

More roses

These are two of our neighbors' houses. The one I talked about yesterday is on the right, with the rose bushes. The strip outside the wall is a little weedy at the moment, but the flowers, including the wild poppies, are beautiful. On the left is a small section of another neighbor's house. She lives here in the hamlet all the time, as we do. The vineyard is outside the photo to the right.

We pass these roses and other flowers every morning on our walk.

Ken ran into our resident neighbor a few days ago in the supermarket. She told him that Bert, our cat, has been visiting her regularly and eating some of the food she puts down for her own cats, so she started to feed him. We had wondered why Bert began to lose interest in the food we give him in recent weeks. It turns out that Madame J. serves a higher quality cat food than we do! Why eat hamburger when you can dine on filet mignon? Ken thanked her, but told her that feeding Bert isn't necessary as he gets all he needs at home. This morning, he brought us a mouse. Then he ate it.


  1. Ha! I guess you'll have to up your game for Bert.

  2. Bert is quite a cat! I enjoy hearing of his capers. Our cat likes to catch voles, but doesn't usually eat them. I think mice must taste really good to cats because most of our cats have enjoyed eating them right up.

  3. The mouse police never sleeps


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