Saturday, July 01, 2017

Raindrops on oak leaves

And whiskers on puppies. The wet landscape is pretty, but the rain and chilly weather means the dog is cooped up with us in the house. And she still wants needs to play. Knotted ropes, old socks, nylabones, rawhide chews, anything that can be slid across the floor, she will chase. And she always brings it right back for another go. She also really loves the tricky treat ball, but I have to worry about over feeding her.

This oak sapling has red leaves. I wonder if that's normal?

I think she's entering her teething stage. Not that she hasn't been chewing for the past two months, but it hasn't let up. Her favorite thing to chew is my hand. And her little puppy teeth are sharp. She's drawn blood on more than one occasion. She also likes to nip at my ankles when I walk from one room to another. But I'll get my revenge. She gets spayed in August.


  1. "I was a baby and nipped Walt because I was teething. So, he had me neutered." Therapy for years!

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  3. We once (more than 30 years ago) had a kitten that liked to nip at our 3-yr.old daughter's nightgown, which reached her ankles. The poor girl ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Then the kitty discovered the baby's crib and in spite of all our efforts to make sure she wasn't in the room when we put the baby in the crib, we would frequently discover the cat in the crib with her. Sadly, we ended up giving the kitty away. The children loved cats and a few years later, we got two brother kittens, who were loved to the very end (14 and 18 years old).

  4. Nip the nipping at the bud. It is bad dog behaviour. You both are her superiors and should not be nipped at all. The pecking order must be established.

  5. Keeping a puppy entertained is a very time consuming business. She must miss Callie, and you are the only ones who respond to her now. Poor Tasha !

  6. I hope you can get some sunshine so the pup can go outside to play. Sadly she won't learn to carry kindling home like Callie did. Sorry to mention something sad, it just came to my mind.

  7. Agree with the comment above, don't let her nip, or it's likely to be worse and worse. If necessary, consult a professional trainer. If the dog nips you, she'll nip everyone, and you'll never be able to take her out in public.

  8. mitch, you gotta watch out around here.

    ellen, this is a standard puppy phase and we're working on training her out of it.

    andrew, working on it!

    coppa's girl, she still has Bert, but she needs more play than he can stand, so it's up to us.

    judy, we don't mess around. lol

    evelyn, I have a pile of her wood outside that I'll be cutting up this year for the fireplace.

    chrissou, it can be. ;)

    emm, we're correcting her.


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