Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Warmest morning

Tuesday was a hot day and this morning is probably the warmest morning of the year, so far. I woke up to nearly 25ºC (77ºF ) at 06h00. That's pretty darned warm for the morning low in these parts. But, as usual, it is not expected to last. Today's high will be lower than Tuesday's, and it will be getting downright chilly again in the mornings to come.

Grape bunches on the vine, a couple of months away from harvest time.

And it's dry. The rain barrels are nearly depleted again. Until the next rain, garden watering will have to be done with the hose. But the tomatoes, squash, and green beans are loving the heat. And so are the grapes out in the vineyards. I wonder if the hot weather we've had has made up for lost time caused by the April freeze?


  1. Look at all those grapes! Beautiful old vines, too. It's been hotter (30ish) and much more humid here, which makes it feel 38ish. Grateful for sea breezes (which are unfortunately weak right now).

  2. I heard today that the harvest is likely to be very early this year, and that losses from the frost in many areas is about half what was originally estimated. So far so good, and expecting a good vintage.

  3. wow the grapes are fantastic


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