Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Shadow play. I take Tasha out for her morning walk earlier than I used to take Callie out. Tasha is still just a puppy, and she bounces off the walls with energy in the morning wanting to play and roughhouse. Going out for a walk is a way to diffuse some of that energy. Not that it always works, but it helps.

Tasha and our shadows in the summer vineyard. The sun is just rising above the trees at 07h00.

We did an unofficial weigh-in on Sunday. I stood on the scale, read it, then picked up the dog and stood on the scale again and did the math. She's at 7 kilos (almost 15 1/2 lbs). That's almost twice what she weighed at the end of May when her official weight at the vet's was 4.2 kilos (just over 9 lbs). We'll get another official weigh-in at the end of August when she goes in for her spaying. We expect her adult weight to be between 10 and 12 kilos (22 to 26 lbs). Callie was almost twice that.

Teething continues. We were playing on Sunday and one of Tasha's teeth came out in my hand. I'll ask the vet to check her teeth to be sure they're coming in right. The breeder said that sometimes the baby teeth don't fall out before the adult teeth come in and that could cause problems.


  1. We've had the same problem of boundless energy from our pups in the past, so we used to take a tennis ball (or two) and roll it in front of us for the dog to chase. You look as though you are in the perfect place to do that.

  2. By the looks of it Tasha's still finding the world a place of wonder and curiosities - and long may it continue.

  3. Walt, you're really tall!

  4. I'm with Mitchell. Nice shot, hope the tooth thing is normal.

  5. coppa's girl, we have a couple of tennis balls for play in the yard. I'm afraid I'd lose them on a walk. There's plenty to keep her occupied out in the vineyard (like chasing deer)!

    raybeard, ah, puppyhood!

    mitch, good. Be happy you don't have to suffer through Tasha Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well. ;)

    diane, ha! My shadow is the only thing about me that's tall.

    ginny, everything seems normal so far.


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