Monday, July 24, 2017


One of the tomato varieties that I planted in this year's vegetable garden is "beefsteak," a popular variety of tomato in the US. We brought the seeds back from there a couple of years ago. The tomatoes are forming nicely, but as you can see, they're still a long way from ripe.

Beefsteak tomatoes on the vine.

The other varieties in the garden this year are brandywine (a variety of beefsteak), cœur de bœuf, yellow jubilee, roma, and fireball. All the plants have fruit on them, some more than others. All of them are still green. I noticed that one of our neighbors has red tomatoes already. I think they planted much earlier than we did, and I'll wager they bought the seedlings and therefore got even more of a head start.


  1. Ah yes. Plenty of beefsteak and beefcake at your house now.

  2. spouse's tomatoes are like this also; plenty of green ones but no red ones.

  3. Our tomatoes are slow this year because we also started from seed (and probably too late). Our neighbors gave us 6 huge Brandywines the other day, and I was so grateful (and a bit jealous). We had a lovely caprese salad with some sharp basil from the garden. Yum!

  4. I first came across Brandywines years ago in New England, and only in farmers' markets because they have a shelf life of about 37 minutes. Delicious!
    Hope you have a bumper crop.

  5. In the autumn, when the weather gets cold and they are calling for a frost, pick all the tomatoes that you have left, even the small green ones, and freeze them. People say that you can't freeze tomatoes, but if you're going to cook them, then why not? I've had home grown tomatoes last until February if I had a good enough harvest. Make the most of them.
    Good luck.


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