Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tooth fairy

I have saved our dogs' baby teeth over the years. I don't know why, but I did. First there was Collette in 1992. I only have one of her teeth. Then, Callie in 2007. I seem to have a whole bunch of hers. Now there's Tasha in 2017. Four teeth so far, and counting. And each dog's teeth fell out in the month of July. There's a pattern there.

The top tooth is Collette's. The rest are labelled appropriately. I keep them in ziploc bags. The labels are from the years noted.

There is no reason to have these. But I can't help myself. When I find a tooth on the floor, or in my hand while playing, I think "oh, how cute," and save the tooth. They don't take up much room, so I don't really consider myself a hoarder. But then again, I saved a few bits of cotton from a field we drove by in Virginia or North Carolina back in the mid 1980s. I had never seen cotton growing on a plant, so I had to have some. I still have it. Wanna see?


  1. I saved my own baby teeth for perhaps 40 years. I didn't make the decision to toss them, but they disappeared at some point. Maybe the Tooth Fairy took them back. Also, don't try passing off Tasha's teeth as your own. The Tooth Fair knows the difference (I know from experience).

  2. How cute :)
    Yes, I do want to see the piece of cotton -- I've never seen cotton that came directly from a plant, either.
    Your blueberry topping on Ken's yummy-looking coconut flan looked very good!

  3. You can't find it now can you ;-)

  4. If you put them under Tasha's doggie pillow, will she find a shiny new euro in the morning?

  5. paul, yes, I know where it is. I just need to get it and photograph it. I will!

    jan, ok...

    mitch, I still have one of my baby teeth... in my mouth. It never fell out.

    judy, give me a little time to get it photographed. ;)

    emm, nope. I'm an evil fairy.


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