Friday, July 28, 2017


The zucchini plants are producing now. We have a regular supply of squash for a while and now they're starting to back up. Last week, we baked some into a lasagna. On Thursday, I sliced and grilled some for lunch. Today Ken plans to make a kind of a gratin of zucchini and cheese. We've also talked about making stuffed squash some time soon.

Zucchini on the vine.

The green beans have taken a short break, but I'll probably be able to pick enough for a meal today. The tomatoes are still green. The chilly weather has slowed things down a little. Now that the rain showers are pretty much over, I'll have to get out there and spray the tomatoes to help prevent le mildiou (blight).


  1. Nice shot. I like the shine. I used to make zucanoes. Hollowed out zucchini filled with ground beef, onions, tomatoes, cheese, etc and baked.

  2. stuart, we do the same, and many variations on the same. Tasty!


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