Monday, July 17, 2017


On the edges of the vineyards, in little clearings just inside the woods, containers are suspended a few inches from the ground. They're fitted with little cages at the bottom and dispense bird seed. I presume they're there to attract pheasants for the hunting season. Usually the containers are made from plastic wine jugs--we are in wine country after all. This is the first one I've seen made from a mini beer keg.

The little cage full of seeds is just at the bottom of the inverted keg. I guess the hub cap is there to catch stray seeds.

I've been told that most of the pheasants chased by the hunters are actually raised on farms and are released into the wild in the fall. Since they've never had to find their own food in the wild, they need some way to survive. These feeders are probably what they're used to and help to keep the birds from starving. Not all the pheasants are taken during the season, so the feeders are kept full year-round. Ken told me that Tasha flushed out a pheasant in the vineyard just a few days ago. Callie used to do the same thing.

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