Sunday, July 16, 2017


A lone walnut tree stands along the road through the vineyards where we walk daily with the dog. Right now, the walnuts are forming inside their green husks. In the fall, the husks will dry and peel off, revealing the walnut shells that we all recognize.

Walnut leaves and a single fruit/nut.

This tree produces very small walnuts and I've gathered a few, but not many, over the years. They're not really worth the effort. Besides, some friends of ours have a couple of prolific trees on their property and they've shared boxes full of good-sized and tasty walnuts with us. I still have some downstairs.


  1. I love walnuts. We had an acquaintance in Santa Barbara with a huge walnut farm (he supplied Diamond Walnuts), but he never gave us any! And I've never seen them on the tree. Thanks!

  2. I see Venus every morning when I let the dog out...seems to be getting brighter or perhaps the sky is getting clearer. I was rooting for a win at Wimbledon for its namesake.
    When I was about six, we moved into a house with a huge walnut tree. I was intrigued with the nuts as they fell to the ground in their still somewhat green husks and peeled dozens of them unbeknownst to my parents. My hands were stained brown for weeks.

  3. mitch, maybe Diamond didn't pay him enough and he needed to sell every last one!

    sheila, I don't think I knew what walnuts looked like on the tree until I came here.


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