Saturday, July 08, 2017

Les vacances

School vacations officially started on Friday afternoon and this weekend marks the first grands départs of vacationers leaving the big cities for the mountains and the coasts. We'll see our share of vacationers here in the Loire Valley region as well. Historic royal châteaux, vineyards, hot-air balloons, and the zoo are the big draws here.

Grape leaves and tendrils after a rain shower last week.

And so far, the weather is good. The heat wave is cooling a little now and there may be some showers or thunderstorms in the next couple of days, but it certainly feels like summer. I didn't have my camera with me on Friday morning's walk with Tasha, but I noticed how beautifully lush the vineyards are looking right now. And, since most of them have been trimmed, they make a uniform blanket of green in the landscape. I'll try to get a photo soon.


  1. Our town and the beaches are filling up; August is when the hordes descend. I look forward to your "vacationer" photos.

  2. mitch, I'm not sure which is worse, being cheek-by-jowl on a hot beach or being crammed shoulder to shoulder in a musty old château (although some of the big stone châteaux can be delightfully cool on a hot day).

  3. the tendrils look like the ones on spouse's cucumber plant.

  4. anne marie, yum, cucumbers!


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