Friday, July 07, 2017


It's a strange year for apples around here. We had that freeze in April which did a number on the blossoms. But enough blossoms survived for some apples to form. The big tree in our yard is dropping apples already, but they're not big enough for me to have to pick them up before cutting the grass, thankfully. That will likely change.

A little apple.

This apple is on a neighbor's tree. The crop is not large, but there are apples nonetheless. We'll see later this summer and into the fall what there is to harvest.


  1. How them apples then? We have two established crab apple trees on the property at Trentham. Any advice as to do with the harvest Walt?

  2. I hope you have just enough apples this year. I've seen what too many apples looks like and that is a problem.

  3. Perhaps that would have been self-thinning and all the crop will have ample room to grow - could have some big ones this year!

  4. Beautiful photo. I can imagine the crunch!


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