Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

We've been spending a lot of time indoors over the past few days. The rain and chilly temperatures are the reason. Tasha still gets her two daily walks, even if one or both are cut short by a rain shower. She loves her walks and is learning about the different ways we can go. Callie had her favorite paths, and I expect Tasha will, too. Here she is being coy for the camera.

Tasha is learning to get brushed, but it's a slow process, so her fur is not as neat and tidy as it could be.

She's still such a puppy. Everything is exciting to her, and most everything is potentially edible (yuck). Sunday was her five-month birthday, and she's been with us now for three months. She's a very different dog from Callie and, while we miss Callie, we're enjoying getting to know Tasha. Life is now both very much the same and very much different, if you understand what I mean.


  1. Having had three dogs in our time together, we do understand. Different personalities with each. Tasha is growing bigger with each post we see.
    Leon and Sue.

  2. Totally get it! Dogs all have unique personalities and souls.
    It's why we can have and love more than one without feeling like
    we're replacing the ones we've had to say goodbye to. Ask me
    which dog I've lived the most and I'll reply "All of them."

    I hope you all continue to enjoy getting to know each other!


  3. Wonderful little tan markings Tasha has above her eyes.

  4. Well, now you're able to get a photo of her actually sitting still -- that's a change!

  5. I hope she will be easier to brush when (if?) her fuzzy puppy hair gets sleeker as she gets older. She is a charmer.

  6. Just like a baby (everything is potentially edible). This, too, shall pass. Glad you're enjoying her.

  7. She's looking more and more like an adult dog with every picture. Our baby is growing up so fast! < sniffle >

  8. I am so glad you have Tasha and your sweet memories of Callie. Tasha is clearly ready for lots of close-ups.


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