Friday, July 14, 2017

A mouse in the house

I thought cats were supposed to keep mice out of the house. Ours brought one in this morning. Alive. Then he let it go. Ken and I spent a good thirty minutes trying to flush the critter out from under furniture into the jaws of the cat, all to no avail. Bert yawned. Tasha barked wildly. We finally gave up. I set two traps and put them behind the couch where the mouse was last spotted and out of reach of the dog. Now we wait.

Pretty yellow wildflowers. They look like little fireworks.

Our village's fireworks started last night at eleven p.m. and lasted about half an hour. Tasha lifted her head up a few times, but she never growled or barked. Afterward, we all slept peacefully through the night. More fireworks will be going on to our east in Saint-Aignan tonight. That's normally a bigger show, so we'll keep the windows on that side of the house closed.


  1. Well done Bert!
    Daisy's list of hunting trophies that she has presented us with includes dozens of mice, a mole, a stoat, a very angry snake, a moorhen, a bat, frogs and several lizards. Also, sadly, numerous birds including a whole nest of babies which she fetched from the top of one of the acacia trees.

    1. A stoat!!!??? That's quite a big animal for a kitten to catch. That Daisy of yours is really fearless!

    2. Bertie once brought home a pheasant hen. He's good at catching big green lizards. One day he caught a small rabbit. Moles, large rodents (I don't know what they are), and songbirds need to be on the lookout when Bert is around.

      If Bert had caught a mouse inside the house and taken it outside, I'd be pleased with him. But bringing live rodents into the house doesn't earn him any gold stars in my book.

    3. Martine, the stoat was nearly as big as Daisy! It was injured but still trying to bite so Nick despatched it as Daisy had lost interest.

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  3. I think it's intended as a gift for you, Walt. Unsavoury and unwished-for, certainly, but nevertheless a gift. Show him how pleased you are and he'll bring you more. :-)

  4. The mouse may well leave and never come back, with both a cat and a dog in-house. Maybe Bertie thought it was a Bastille Day present.

  5. jean, daisy's size belies her talents!

    raybeard, I don't mind if he brings presents, which he often does. But when he releases live ones inside the house, well, that's a mouse of a different color!

    anne marie, just the opposite! They wanted that thing gone and it was torn down.

    emm, it's never coming back, that's for sure (see Saturday's post)!

  6. I know cats love to bring their prey into the house but I've never heard of one letting their prey go out of boredom!


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