Sunday, July 09, 2017

Stormy weather

That's the prediction for today. Late morning and early afternoon thunderstorms, moderate to strong, with a lot of rain. Lovely. This morning, all is calm and I'm hopeful that Tasha and I will get a good walk in once it's light outside. She slept through the night downstairs where it's cooler. That's a good thing because it means she has the confidence to be a little independent of the pack.

It seems too early for these blue berries (not blueberries), but there they are.

I think we're ready for the storms. The only thing I worry about is heavy rain and roof leaks. If a lot of rain falls in a short amount of time, it can't drain quickly enough and backs up a little, especially if there is leaf debris where the water wants to go, causing it to seep in behind the tiles and, eventually, through the ceiling in the kitchen. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

A little update: by 07h30, I had the ladder out and cleared one blockage from the gutter and downspout, and got a couple clusters of leaf debris cleared out of the roof valley between the kitchen and dining room. Let's hope that helps our chances!


  1. These berries look like Mahonia berries.

    1. I cut down many Mahonia branches this morning. They were growing on the shady side of the laurel hedge. They were covered in those blue berries but now they are no more.

  2. Those berries look delicious. Are they? Hope you're unclogging was a success and that you can now simply enjoy the rain.

  3. Regular cleaning of gutters is important, but people often forget. That berries picture is beautiful!

  4. Our latest rainstorms, late last week, left us with mud clinging to everything - such a mess. Almost everyone has a mud splattered car, and all the windows, terraces, garden furniture, etc., are thickly coated with the stuff, which clings and is the very devil to remove. Hope yours is clean rain.

  5. tasha is growing up! good for her.

  6. I always enjoy your weather postings; I envy you your storms and rain.

  7. chm, yes, I think they are.

    mitch, Wikipedia says the berries are edible, but very sharp tasting. I probably won't be trying them. Euell Gibbons, I'm not.

    jan, if you don't clean 'em out, the rain reminds you!

    coppa's girl, yuck! I've had mud splattered on the plants in the vegetable garden when they're young, and that's a pain because it then has to be rinsed off the few young leaves or the plant suffers.

    judy, they went around us! But we had one early on Monday morning.

    anne marie, yup, she sure is!

    michael, we get a little bit of everything!


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