Saturday, July 22, 2017

An itsy bitsy spider

No water spout to climb up here. I took this photo because I liked the pattern of the veins in the leaves. Then I noticed the little spider. It really is tiny, less than a millimeter across.

The tiny spider is just to the right of the green leaves.

On Friday we took Tasha for a ride in the car. We had to go the garage to pick up the old Peugeot after it was fitted with a new clutch. Tasha did well on the ride. At least she didn't hate it. And that's good. We'll take her for a few more rides in the weeks to come. Then, toward the end of August, she goes to the vet's to be spayed. We don't want her to think that riding in the car means a trip to the vet's.


  1. What a great shot. Must have been difficult to focus. Anyway, I've emerged from my "cave" (months of travel and house guests) so I'm enjoying all your recent shots.

  2. Wow. That spider was nice surprise.

  3. cool, up close and personal with a spider.

  4. Oh, that's good thinking (about Tasha and the vet and the car)!

  5. Good plan: our dog wigs out whenever she is in the car as that means no good for certain.

  6. stuart, welcome back to the calm!

    mitch, I'm glad my name isn't Muffet.

    anne marie, :)

    judy, we failed with Callie and the car from the start, so we're trying to get it right with Tasha.

    michael, Callie just hated the car, so we didn't go may places with her.


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