Saturday, February 17, 2018

Back to normal

Our snow episodes of the past week or so are over. Winter came and went quickly, and without a trace. Did it really happen? Thank goodness for the photographic record, otherwise I would have to wonder if it was all a dream. By the way, it apparently rained all night last night. Still raining this morning.

A sunny, frosty morning last Tuesday, just hours before our last snowstorm. We got about an inch and it melted away within 24 hours.

We're back to walks in the mud with Tasha. She's been needing a rinse after her morning walks again. Still, she doesn't seem to get as dirty as Callie used to, even though she's closer to the ground. Callie must have had a way of walking that kicked up a lot of sand and dirt.


  1. Are you sure that Winter's quite done yet? On this side the current forecast is that the chill will return mid-next week for about a further week. I'm so hoping they're wrong as I've just about had my fill of chill.

  2. And it looks like early summer here. Don't let your guard down.

  3. raybeard, one is never certain... anything can happen!

    mitch, I'm hopeful, but ever vigilant.


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