Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A code in my doze

I have a head cold. Or, to hear me say it this morning, a head code. Ken brought some bug back from the US and was afflicted shortly after his return. It was only a matter of time for me to get it, too. Scratchy throat, blocked sinuses, headache. Such fun.

The groomer did a fine job and complied with my request to lay off the heavy perfume she used last fall.

Last night before bed, I made some hot tea with honey and lemon. That felt good for a while, but my sinuses wouldn't let me get much rest into the night. I took an antihistamine and that helped a little. I finally settled down some time between 01h30 and 02h30 for a few hours of real sleep. Until Tasha wanted to go out at 05h30.

Tasha did fine at the groomer's. She's fluffy and clean again, at least for a little while. The knotted hair behind her ears is gone, and I've started my avowed daily regimen of brushing behind them. She wasn't in the mood to pose for photos yesterday afternoon. The one above is the best I got, but her paws are cut off at the bottom. Oh well.


  1. Oh what a pretty girl! Just the sight you need to expedite your recovery - and I do hope that such a wish is not premature as I know it can be no fun at all for you. Speed on health! - and Springtime!

  2. Tasha looks even more beautiful. So sorry about your cold. I hope you recover quickly (and so does Tasha).

  3. I'm sure the paws will grow back :-)

  4. Nothing makes us appreciate our health more than when we lose it. Hope your back to peak condition soon. Tasha grows more beautiful every day. We are fortunate: Rita sheds all her hair so we don’t have to brush her *smirk*

  5. She is beautiful!

    Get some rest, and take your tea and herbal remedy.

  6. Tasha is beautiful and looks so smart- beauty and brains! Lewis and my colds are in their end stages now, so much better than what you're having.

  7. Sorry to hear you've got the lurgy too. How miserable for you both. I hope you recover in time for the great trip east.

  8. Colds are evil. Get well soon!

  9. raybeard, I'll second that!

    mitch, thanks. I don't get sick often, so I'm not a very patient patient.

    chm, lol!

    breenlantern, ha! Tasha sheds, too. Sometimes I think I should just vacuum her directly.

    judy, my afternoons are spent on the couch with tennis on. So, well, pretty much like when I'm not sick. ;)

    evelyn, she's very smart! Glad you're both feeling better.

    susan, I think we'll get through. But I want it to go faster.

    chris, merci !


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