Saturday, February 24, 2018


It hasn't been as cold as predicted. Yet. The big chill will supposedly descend upon us in the middle of next week. The cold air will be pushed in from Siberia and Moscow. Russia may be meddling with our weather.

Certain stones cause ice to form around them in interesting patterns.

That's not to say it hasn't been cold. Morning lows are at or just below freezing, giving us iced-over puddles and not-so-muddy morning walks. And there is sunshine and very little wind, so it feels much nicer outdoors than it could. But next week we're told to expect -5 and -6ºC (23 and 21ºF, respectively). Not all that cold for you winter climate folks, but pretty darned cold for us here. Stay tuned.


  1. Love the photo and the interesting ice formation!

  2. Beautiful shot. You can keep the ice!

  3. susan, thanks!

    mitch, I could have, but it melted.


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