Wednesday, February 07, 2018

I brought some corn for popping

I woke up to snow on Tuesday morning. I didn't realize it was snowing (even though I knew it was predicted) until I was outside with Tasha at 05h00. Then it hit me. Literally. As the sun came up I snapped a few photos from inside the house, then took the camera out on the morning walk. Tasha didn't seem at all curious about the snow, which until yesterday she had never seen.

Looking west out one of the skylights in the loft just before sunrise on Tuesday morning.

It was snowing pretty hard for a while, but it didn't really pile up. The roads were just wet. Most of the snow was on the grass, the shrubs, the grape vines, and the trees. Still, it was pretty. This morning it's colder, below freezing. The snow is sticking on the roads now and there are about two inches on the ground. And it's still falling, albeit very lightly.

The view from the front deck toward a neighbor's house as it starts to get lighter on Tuesday morning.

We get tend to get excited about snow because we don't get enough for it to be a pain in the butt. I don't even own a snow shovel. I do have an ice scraper for the windshield which comes in handy every now and then. The temperatures are expected to stay below freezing for the next couple of days. That means the water and melted snow will likely change to ice. I planned to go the pharmacy today, but I decided to go yesterday while the roads were ok rather than wait until the freezing weather ices them over. Now I can just hunker down in the house for a few days.


  1. I love seeing pictures from the pages of your life....

  2. We're forecast to be having the coldest night of the Winter tonight for this part of the world, so probably same will apply for you. So - and most importantly of all - make sure Tasha keeps warm.

  3. Definitely popcorn weather. Hope Tasha has had a sample. Our Lily comes running as soon as she hears the first pop.

  4. These photos are incredible. The color in first shot looks like images from the industrial age. Corn for popping? For me, that would be Newman's Own.

  5. Nice to see it's still winter in your area, while it's been dry and in the upper 70s here in Northern California. I guess we're in for another drought (sigh).

  6. Two inches of snow? Wowser.
    I'm visiting in the Charente-Maritime, and we had flurries yesterday. It's been below freezing at about -1 the last couple of nights, but getting warmer in the days. Still, not as warm as I'd been led to believe (she said, with teeth chattering).

  7. Walt... I am so sorry.... read my comment on Ken's post for yesterday... my sincere apologies... every Safari-Blodger comment vanishes tnto the ether... but, because my mind is buzzing too much to head-abed... I am using the "slug" when all others locally are also abed.

    I am so sorry for your joint loss... possibly more difficult for you, as you have had to stay and care for one charming Sheltie and a very independent black cat... and the house.
    But Ken's Mum's death is as difficult for you in almost all respects.. it is your mother-in-law that has passed... an accepting step-parent... your instinct as Ken's partner-in-life is to want to be there and take part of Ken's load... and to say a final farewell. A difficult thing to bear!
    Fortunately, just at the moment, you have things to distract you... but your grief is not to be forgotten... so virtual hug from me and Pauline...
    Bisses, T&P

  8. linda, thanks! Glad you enjoy the blog.

    raybeard, not to worry. Tasha's in the house, except for walks, this time of year. And Bert spends most of his day indoors, too, now. He still sleeps in the laundry room and has free access to the outdoors during the night, but comes back inside in the early morning to warm up.

    sheila, I didn't actually make popcorn...

    mitch, our supermarket just has one kind of popcorn and I make it the old-fashioned way, in a pot on top of the stove. They don't have microwave popcorn in our supermarkets around here, to say nothing of Jiffy Pop. ;)

    diane, a little winter goes a long way! I remember droughts from our California days. Ugh!

    emm, two inches of snow is not much, but it's enough for me. ;)

    tim & pauline, thanks for the kind thoughts.


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