Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Cold air from the north is blowing in over France this week. The grass is frosty this morning, but it's still above zero. I might have to get out there today and re-cover the fig tree to try to protect it from the freezing temperatures that are predicted for the coming mornings. I had to take the cover off the tree when it snowed because the snow was too wet and heavy for it. I don't think there's any snow in the immediate forecast.

The front and roof are clad in corrugated steel, and those big metal-clad doors are bolted shut.

This is a view of the storage building out in the vineyard parcel behind our house. In the fifteen years that we've lived here, I'm not sure if I've ever seen the doors open. Whatever is inside has not seen the light of day for a long while.


  1. Significantly colder later this week and all through next week, Walt - and likely to go on yet longer. (Sorry to be such a misery-guts, but the warning is there).

  2. You've never opened those doors?? There might be a real treasure in there, like a tractor or something else you could use.

  3. Ooooooh, French rural antiques! Or spider webs and dust!

  4. It makes me wonder what's hidden behind those doors. Antique wonders? Art treasures? A bank haul? The bodies?

  5. raybeard, we'll see how low it goes, but we're prepared!

    evelyn, :)

    diane, the building is not mine. It's out in the vineyard and belongs to the grower, so I can't open the doors.

    susan, probably more of the latter. ;)

    mitch, we may never know!


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