Thursday, February 08, 2018

Mr. Sandman

When Tasha and I got back from our walk through the vineyards on Wednesday morning, I noticed that the sand tractor had been on our street. In addition to a fine layer of sand on the snow, there were these tire tracks where the tractor turned around. This is where the asphalt ends and the road becomes a dirt and gravel path to the vines.

Pretty nifty, eh?

The light snow stopped shortly after we got home, but the temperature stayed just below freezing all day. I had a nice hot soup for ready for lunch. This morning it's much colder outside. At 05h30, it's -2ºC (about 28ºF) where our thermometer is, not quite as cold as predicted (I'm sure it's a couple degrees colder out in the vineyards). Still, today's low is supposed to be the coldest of the week. It's already the lowest we've had all winter.


  1. Both a pretty and interesting photo.

  2. I don't know what it was at 5:30 here, but at 10:17 it's 4C. Unheard of! Beautiful crop circle.

  3. I thought, for a moment, that you were going to tell us that you and Tasha walked around... very carefully... and made a design in the snow like you would with the apples slices on one of your tartes -- ha! I was impressed! And a little worried about you maybe spending too much time alone. LOL

    1. LOL Judy. Walt's photos are making me homesick.

  4. Love your comment, Judy! Tasha, The Wonder Dog!

  5. That's a terrific photo. Stay warm! I've been reading about the snowstorm in Paris--and in Columbus, Ohio too, where our daughter lives. Both places had a big (for them) snow.

  6. Nice pattern and ditto picture!


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