Monday, February 05, 2018

It didn't work

A few weeks ago, a town crew came through the vineyard on the dirt road behind our hamlet to fill potholes. They do this every year. But this year it seemed to be a little early. At any rate, they took a good hour and a half to do the job. They filled all the big depressions where water collects. The gravel mix they use compresses when vehicle tires run over them. This is what they look like now:

Tasha doesn't care about potholes (except to drink from them). She does care about field mice in the tall grass.

I suppose that all the rain we had in January was just too much for them. Maybe there wasn't enough time for the vehicles that use the road to pack the gravel down, and it stayed loose while it rained. Most of the "filled" potholes along the road look just like these. I wonder if the crews will be back to do it again come spring?

By the way, a pothole in France is called un nid de poule, a hen's nest.


  1. The mayor will is certain to let them know...or maybe she doesn't go out into the vineyard. Hope you recorded the Superbowl.

  2. Thanks for the extra vocabulary!

  3. Glad you have the Davis Cup to keep you entertained!
    Those potholes are a mess.

  4. that's what our road looks like all year....and why our cars r always covered with mud

  5. mitch, people spend a lifetime this way.

    sheila, oh, she does! and no, I gave up on Football a few years ago. The game just bogged itself down in analysis paralysis. For every 5 seconds of play, it seemed that there were 5 minutes of reviews. Almost every play is reviewed. So boring. I don't even know why they have officials on the field if the "booth" is going to look at every play and pick it apart in real time.

    autolycus, glad to be of service. :)

    judy, but now it's over (until April). And I can't find tv coverage of the tournament that's going on now in Montpelier!

    melinda, that can't be good for the suspension!

  6. mitch, that's an obscure musical reference. Maybe too obscure.


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