Thursday, February 01, 2018

Liddle lamzy divey

One of the most common plants around us is ivy. It's everywhere, growing on the ground, on rocks, on walls, on trees. Every spring we go around the yard and cut the ivy off at the bottom of tree trunks to keep it from getting a stronghold and hurting the trees. No one does that out in the woods, of course, and the ivy does its thing.

A kiddley divey, too, wouldn't you?

The moon was full on Wednesday and this morning the sky is clear. That means two things. Thing one: the night is bright with moonlight. Thing two: it's cold out there. Not quite freezing yet, but much chillier than it has been. Lower lows are expected over the weekend.


  1. As shoppers we have usually said Lidl Lamzy Tivey. Love the colour of your photo. In the UK we might say that it is in Suffragettes colours or that of Wimbledon.

  2. Replies
    1. À la Chandeleur, l'hiver finit ou reprend rigueur!

  3. I love the comment in your newsiness box. For me February is definitely the longest month of the year!
    Not a good month to be on your own, either, testing one's strength of character.

  4. potty, lol!

    mitch, ;)

    chm, il reprend rigueur, il me semble. Nous, on a mangé des crêpes mercredi avant le départ de Ken.

    jean, Tasha and Bert will keep me occupied!


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