Saturday, February 03, 2018


Friday morning saw the temperature at the house go down to about zero. That's freezing in celcius, or 32ºF. I'm sure it was a degree or two cooler out in the vineyards. Consequently, frost formed in the exposed areas, including on our roof. It's quite common and not at all unusual, except that it's been so warm for more than a month.

Our frosty roof on Friday morning at sunrise.

The central heating warms the house up in the morning until I get a fire going in the wood stove. First, of course, I have to take Tasha outside for a few minutes, feed her and Bert their breakfast, publish a blog post, clean the previous day's ashes out of the stove, take Tasha for her morning walk, then split logs and carry them into the house. Phew!

The sun rises today at about 08h15. We gain a little more daylight every day. Too bad another weather system will be moving through this afternoon. That means overcast. The periods of sun we had on Friday were wonderful.


  1. Ah, the life of leisure! Plenty of sun here, relatively chilly, and winds come and go. No log-splitting.

  2. I'm sure you're glad to have that new heating system, to start off the day.

  3. mitch, I spend my afternoons sipping champagne and eating bonbons.

    judy, oh yes!

    gosia, thank you!


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