Monday, February 19, 2018

Misty morning

When the chilly night air meets the ground-level humidity, water vapor condenses and forms fog. The river valley was completely socked in on Sunday morning and fog came and went out in the rain-drenched vineyards.

A layer of ground fog in the Sunday morning vineyard.

I noticed on Sunday that our rhubarb plants are starting to poke up through the ground. There are flower buds on the plum tree out back. The tulips are up and some of the daffodils have flowers already. And I can see yellow blossoms getting ready to open on the forsythia. I think our warm January has given the spring growth a head start. A freeze in the coming weeks would probably do some damage. Fortunately, the grape vines are not budding yet.


  1. You'd better throw an electric blanket over your delicate ones, Walt. As I said before, on this side of the moat Winter is due to return day after tomorrow, with night frosts, severe next week - and going right into March too! I reckon yours won't be much better as the blast is coming from the east. I've got my Arctic parka ready. Sad! (as a certain person would say).

  2. Did the winter jasmine bloom this year?

  3. raybeard, us too. Ugh!

    chm, yes, but not as much as previous years.

    judy, thanks!


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