Friday, February 09, 2018

The walnut tree

Thursday turned out to be bright and sunny, but cold. I didn't take any more photos, though. I think I have enough documentation of our "snow event." The temperature went above freezing and the snow started to melt away. In the meantime, it was pretty out there. The road is clear and dry, but some snow remains in shaded areas.

Looking toward the northeast on our way back to the house.

This is the lone walnut tree that stands next to the vineyard road. It didn't produce much this year, which may or may not have been because of the freeze we had last April. I took this photo on Wednesday morning when the snow was still wet. Little snowballs stuck to Tasha's ankles. She had a good time trying to bite them off when we got home. On Thursday morning everything was frozen, so Tasha had no snowballs and no mud on her legs when we got back from our walk. I like those days.


  1. Very different color from last time... although still frozen. Almond trees are in bloom here.

  2. I love the look of a tree with snow on it.

  3. The photo almost makes me smell the cold crispness.

  4. mitch, it was lighter outside, so much less blue. Those first shots were taken before sunrise.

    judy, they do look cool. But I think I like leaves even better! ;)

    sillygirl, yes. Now that the sky is clear, the air is much dryer and crispier!


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