Thursday, February 15, 2018

Oh snow you don't

Like I said, it snowed again on Tuesday. And it snowed for most of the day. But the temperature was hovering just above freezing and the snow really couldn't accumulate much. It's all gone now, especially with this morning's low temperature of about 8ºC (about 46ºF), and it's supposed to get even warmer as the day goes on.

Snow falling on Tuesday morning, seen from inside the greenhouse.

So is that the end of winter? Who can say. We have more than a month to go until the equinox and anything can happen. February has lived up to its reputation as our coldest and snowiest month (and that's anecdotal, I have done no research).

Tasha and I went to the train station to pick up Ken yesterday. She enjoyed being out and about in the car and was so very excited when she saw Ken on the station platform. We're settling back into our familiar routine.


  1. It's inching towards being less cold in these parts, Walt (I can't say "getting warmer"!) but, my God, it sure is taking its time!

  2. So glad Ken's home again. We've had beautiful weather these past few days. I haven't been beyond the terrace to enjoy it, but it's beautiful.

  3. Another lovely snow photo. It must be nice to have Ken home, and nice for him to be home.

  4. who was more excited to see ken, you or tasha? glad he made it back to you.

  5. Ha! I hope it's not the end of the snow, because we won't get to see the snow pun of the day anymore :)

  6. I love seeing this picture of your greenhouse. The greenhouse was one of your best ideas ever.

  7. raybeard, we hit 12ºC on Thursday!

    mitch, me, too. Hope you're feeling better!

    andrew, traveling is always stressful and exhausting. Now he can relax.

    anne marie, it was a tie! LOL

    judy, ha! I didn't think anybody noticed. :)

    evelyn, I agree. And I'm looking forward to spring.


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