Sunday, February 11, 2018

No snow

The snow is all gone. Rain started last night around bed time and, apparently, continued off and on through the night. This morning when I went outside with Tasha there was no sign of snow on the ground. And it's well above freezing at about 5ºC (about 41ºF). But I'm not done showing you snow photos. Ha!

The old storage building out in the vineyard after the second snowfall last week.

Tahsa was good this morning. She stayed still until 05h00, when she woke me up. But then she didn't insist on going out until 05h30. So much more reasonable. Especially when you consider that we never really changed our schedule when we went off Summer Time last fall. So she's really getting up at 06h00 and 06h30, if you follow. That's what time it will be again when we move the clocks ahead next month.


  1. That storage building has such beauty... or maybe it's just your photos. The mud must have been a mess this morning.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that Tasha will continue to sleep later!

  3. I'm glad that you took all of these good snow photos, so Ken could see what it looked like chez vous.
    That Tasha... she is such a good girl! And she learns so quickly. She has a good set of people to love her.

  4. mitch, mud and sand. Yuck.

    evelyn, me too! She went to 06h00 this morning!

    judy, she's growing up!


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