Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Valley fog

Yesterday's photo looked west over the vineyard with the river at my back. Today's photo is the reverse. From out among the vines, I'm looking back toward the northeast. The river valley, just beyond our hamlet, is filled with fog.

At sunrise on Sunday, the river valley was filled with fog.

Everything is still wet, wet, wet. It's not raining hard, it's just raining almost constantly. The trees drip, the ground is spongy, the slippery mud is treacherous. And now there are freezing temperatures in the forecast for the upcoming week. Which is worse? Warm and wet, or cold and icy? Not that we will have much of a choice in the matter.


  1. It’s otherworldly. Warm, icy, cold, and wet is worse.

  2. Is Tasha off of the lease now, or still on?

  3. Brrrr, looks so cold! We're in for a week of severe frost here, you may be too! I've had it with winter now, it's getting time for spring! ;)

  4. mitch, can it be warm and icy at the same time? ;)

    judy, she's mostly off the leash these days. I still use it for walking on or near the paved road where cars go fast.

    elgee, ugh, it looks not nice at all. But if the mud freezes, we'll come back from our walks that much cleaner!


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