Thursday, March 01, 2018

Snow daze

As predicted, we had snow overnight. It looks like we got a couple of inches of wet snow. It should all melt away quickly, though, because the temperature is going up. I don't have any photos because it's still dark. But if I did have photos, they'd look a lot like this:

Tasha in our back yard on February 18, heading out for a snowy walk.

My cold is evolving, and not in a good way. I'll spare you the details, but sleeping is difficult, even with antihistamines and throat lozenges. I slept for a while between around 02h00 and 05h30. That seems to be when my body decides it's had enough. But I woke up without a voice, at least at first, a very sore throat, and a head that felt like it would explode. Ugh.

So, is it "feed a cold and starve a fever," or "starve a cold and feed a fever?" I suppose it doesn't matter. I feed everything. Unless I'm nauseated, and that hasn't happened yet.


  1. Wishing you both a speedy recovery :-)!

  2. Funny how no one ever remembers the method treatment, starve or feed. I hope you feel better soon but I think nature must take its course.

  3. Getting a cold like you've got is bad enough at any time, but to be burdened with a nasty one in such weather as this must be the pits. Onward and upwards, Walt. Best of luck.

    Btw: Today is the first in what must be over a week when I can sense that the chill has gone from the air, which I was feeling even indoors. As long as it stays in the right direction, even inch-by-inch ascent will do very nicely, thank you.

  4. My theory is, if it leaves me capable of keeping food down, I feed it. Tea and toast (lemon, honey, butter, jam). Chicken soup. After more than 2 weeks, my cold symptoms (the cough) are finally ALMOST completely gone. Hope you recover much more quickly. You're so young!

  5. Eat. Nothing much else sounds good about how you feel right now, no point in being hungry too.


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