Saturday, March 24, 2018


Before we left Lapalisse, I took advantage of a public rest room to, uh, rest. The little building next to the parking lot had two of these very sleek and modern facilities. Everything was automatic, so I snapped a photo while the toilet did its thing.

The toilet paper looks like it's almost out of reach if you're sitting down. Better to take some before you need it.

It's not a self-cleaning room like you find in many larger cities these days. It didn't lock up and disinfect itself when I was through, so I assume somebody has to come by periodically and manually clean it.*

* Never mind. I am completely wrong. Ken took a photo of the sign that says very clearly that these rest rooms clean and disinfect themselves after each use. D'oh!


  1. Such excitement. The first time I ever saw an actual self-cleaning toilet was on the high-speed train to Madrid.

  2. The facilities in other countries are often quite interesting, some in a good way, some not so good.

  3. All good, at least you didn't have to squat over a hole on the floor.

  4. I’m always scared I’m going to get locked in while it does it’s thing. Some have ceiling sprays!


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