Friday, March 16, 2018

Everywhere a sign

This sign made me chuckle. There's nothing inherently funny about it, it's just that the front door is somewhere else while the mail goes through the slot in this door. Un presbytère is the parish or clergy house for a nearby church. This one is close to the church I've been posting about, so I assume it's part of that.

Put the mail in here, enter over there.

The door here is in a little street that winds around the castle wall in Lapalisse. At one point, the street gets very narrow. All along the way we saw interesting architectural details, signs, windows, doors, mailboxes, and downspouts. I'll bore you with several of them in the coming days.


  1. I look forward to more curiosities.

  2. This must be what you were photographing (with Tasha leashed to you) in the pic Ken posted today.

  3. Sadly, in the USA, these signs are becoming more necessary as our youth consume Tide Pods and people sue because no one told them pouring hot coffee on their genitals would burn them.

  4. andrew, be careful what you ask for!

    sheila, it's possible...

    breenlantern, I had to google Tide pods. Yuck! I'm glad I'm not a kid these days.

  5. Oh no, they got the arrows wrong and I just downed that bottle that said Drink Me.


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