Friday, March 02, 2018

Back to brown

The little blanket of white we woke up to on Thursday morning melted away as expected and, by Thursday evening, we were back to our winter brown. I "woke up" to rain on the loft windows this morning. I put that in quotes because sleep has been erratic with this cold. I was in bed by 21h00 last night and did actually sleep until after 02h00. That's a good five hours, only getting up once about half-way through. After that it was choppy.

Winter brown has its attraction, but it's nice when the green of spring returns.

Ken's going to the pharmacy this morning to refill prescriptions, so he's going to get some cough syrup for me. In France they refer to une toux sèche (a dry cough) and une toux grasse (not dry; yuck). I'm currently experiencing the latter, so I need an expectorant. Oh, and not to worry, my appetite has not been affected.


  1. Oh pobresito. I prefer a not dry cough to a dry cough if I have to have a cough.

  2. I'd rather have a cough than a sore throat. With this cold we get both. My cough went from wet to dry and soon it will be history, I hope. Do they have Robitussin there?

  3. get better soon! we are having a nor'easter here; it's ugly!


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