Sunday, March 18, 2018

Windows and signs

As promised, here is a typical street view. The shutters are closed. It may be a vacation house, or an unoccupied house. Hard to tell. Or maybe the people who live there just like their privacy.

The sign on the door says "beware of dog." Tasha paid no attention.

The blue sign says that the street is one way. I learned that when I got my French driver's license way back when. That would be 2005, by the way. Thirteen years ago. Wow.


  1. And the window boxes make it so inviting. A common site here are shuttered windows in occupied homes. Apartments and houses on the beach never open to the view or the light.

  2. Below zero temps and possibly snow! Still, you must be thinking about starting seeds and getting going in the greenhouse.

  3. Plant those seeds anyway!

  4. That house number confirms your driver's license age :-)


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