Monday, March 19, 2018

Street scene

Another view of a typical French street, especially in a small town. Sometimes the streets look like there is no life on them. Closed shutters, no people. But all that belies a life behind closed doors. People do live in these places, but because the quarters are close, they keep things closed up. Until it gets hot outside, then all bets are off.

The flowers give it away. Somebody lives here.

When you visit France, it's easy to think that some of these places are abandoned. But when you live here, you realize that they are indeed inhabited. They're just not open to public view.


  1. The new aqua shutters and tub of flowers make this oddly charming and inviting.

  2. As blogmate Gosia in Poland says, good fences make good neighbours. My mother was always cautious about being too friendly with neighbours in case they were of the type to drop in daily for a cup of tea.

  3. I agree with Mitchell.
    And, it's too bad to have to shut out the sunlight.

  4. That hooky thing is interesting. Is it a pump or a lift? I see a ring to tether animals with for the trough. I have no idea what that square white box is for unless it is mail.

  5. So they keep their windows covered so tourists won't see in their houses? Must be very dark in their rooms.

  6. mitch, I'd love to see inside some of these places. It might be charming, or it might be horrifying!

    andrew, good for her! I agree.

    judy, there might not have been anyone there when we were. During the day, white sheer curtains keep rooms private while letting light in, but at night they're transparent, so the shutters get closed.

    evelyn, I assume it's a pump, but I don't really know. And I though that white box was a mailbox, too, except I can't see a mail slot. Hmmm...

    diane, they may have windows on the back side, but they also just may not be at home.


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