Friday, March 30, 2018

Let's go to Souvigny

Ken's already started posting his photos from Souvigny, an abbey town not far from where we stayed in the Allier. I told him just the other day that his pictures of the church are better than the ones I took. I had Tasha attached to my waist, and then we saw another dog nearby playing ball with his owner. So the dogs had to say hello, and the humans had to say hello. The other human asked what kind of dog Tasha is. He wanted a second dog, one smaller than his current black Labrador. A Shetland was a possibility.

The fountain in the main square of Souvigny.

Before we met up with dog and man, we parked in the main square in town. The big abbey church is behind where I'm standing in this photo. We made our way along-side the church, then around in the adjacent neighborhood before coming back to this square a little while later. It had started to rain by then.


  1. Can't see any rain coming in this lovely photo.

  2. I just looked up the definition of rouennerie. Very interesting!
    By the way, I love travelling with you.

  3. Oh, it's nice to see the whole place, after seeing closer views of the individual spots, on Ken's blog :)


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