Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We interrupt this program...

We got a little snow on Monday, so I took the camera out. The sky was leaden gray in the morning and the daylight was weak, but I got a few shots. This is our house looking back from across the little pond where the vines start. One of our roof windows has a radiator directly under it and the other doesn't. That's why one is clear and the other is covered by snow.

You can see that the roads, both paved and dirt, were clear. And the forsythia is in bloom.

Tasha had a good time in the snow. I'm not even sure she noticed the white stuff, but there were many tracks made by critters that were out and about in the wee hours. Tasha stopped and sniffed a lot.


  1. It does look very pretty and your house looks.......ever so French, and why should it not.

  2. This is beautiful... It's also enough! We've got howling and gusting winds, brilliant sunshine, and colder temps than usual. Still, what ain't we got? We ain't got snow!

  3. forsythia...we have 12" of snow on the ground, no flowers, no NOTHING but a snow day off work. some people are living the good life!

  4. What a great photo ! The house and area look beautiful with the snow on the trees !, CD

  5. andrew, well, it makes sense...

    judy, :)

    mitch, lucky you! Ours only lasted a few hours, then gone.

    anne marie, aaack! Spring snow is never fun.

    cd, thanks!


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