Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ball court

The streets of Souvigny were more or less deserted when we visited. Except, of course, for that guy and his dog. They were playing ball in the street next to the abbey church. The guy launched the ball against walls and it bounced high and far. The dog went after it with enthusiasm. There were no cars to speak of, so everybody was relatively safe.

Church on the left, houses on the right, ball court in between.

After our encounter, the guy and his dog disappeared into one of the houses across the street from the church. We continued on our way around the immediate neighborhood, looping back toward the car as the sky threatened rain.

I read that the town of Souvigny holds a medieval festival each summer featuring food, music, crafts, and acrobats that evoke the medieval history of the region. They've been doing it for twenty-five years now.


  1. The stonework is beautiful. Would love to see it complemented by the flowers and greenery of spring.

  2. Visiting these towns when no one was around must have been kind of nice, especially for photos. Did Tasha want to play ball?

  3. It's nice to know there is a festival in summer. I hope there is life hiding somewhere in this town!

  4. This brings back a happy memory of a very old lady playing fetch with her dog on a steep Montmartre hill. She rolled the ball down the hill, and the dog brought it back, over and over again.

  5. mitch, me too. I'll bet it's very pretty.

    evelyn, she was curious, but was more interested in the dog, I think. Hard to remember already!

    judy, I'll bet it gets crowded fast in summer!

    chris, cool!


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