Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Back in bid'ness

My technical difficulties have been resolved and I'm back up and running! We had an interesting day on Tuesday, running errands and doing other stuff. Tasha continues to enjoy being out in the car.

Oh look, a castle!

The weather is not really warm, but it's not really cold, either. We're seeing the sun, but there are huge cumulus clouds blowing by. It's feeling less wintry and more like spring is near.


  1. I love these photographic reminders of what's nearby. A castle! It sounds like your back in business health-wise, too!

  2. Happy to read that Tasha can tag along :-)

  3. The perspective in this photo is incredible

  4. Château de La Palice

    Au siège de Pavie,
    M. de la Palice
    Un quart d'heure avant sa nort,

    Check lapalissade in a dictionary.
    Était encore en vie!

    1. Blogger messed up my comment. What's new?

      Here is the exact quote:

      Monsieur d’la Palisse est mort,
      Il est mort devant Pavie,
      Un quart d’heure avant sa mort,
      Il était encore en vie.


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